Our Approach

Our goal is to bring better service and knowledge to the Pest Control industry. The customer is not a dollar sign but a human being with a real problem. They need our help, knowledge an knowhow so they can return back to a normal day of life without pest problems. We use targeted treatments that suit your specific needs to ensure the least amount of chemical, if any, is used to solve the issue at hand. Whether you’re dealing with birds, insects or other pests, we will use the most effective, safe and environmentally friendly option for eradication.

Our Story

Blue Pest Solutions has been providing quality service in Edmonton since 2013.  With several years experience in the Pest Control industry in Eastern Europe and Canada we are locally owned and operate fully licensed and insured.

Meet the Team

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Mihaela Danciu

Customer Service Relationships

Mihaela has been working in public relationships for 20 years, has a background in business administration and accounting


Claudiu Danciu

Founder and Owner

Have been in the Pest Control business for more than 25 years, in Europe and North America.


Timothy Barrett

Pest Control lead technician

Fully certified, Tim is the team lead technician for Edmonton and area.

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